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Avoid These for the Best Puerto Rican Experience

Nowadays, booking hotel boutiques in Viejo San Juan, Puerto Rico, or any other exotic or far-off location is simpler than ever. It often takes only a few phone swipes to compare hotel prices and consider what appears to be an infinite number of lodging options in San Juan for your ideal Puerto Rico vacation. But even though booking may be more accessible than ever, many tourists still make costly errors when planning their trip. But what are these mistakes that can ruin your “dream vacation,” and how can you prevent them? Let’s look at it!

Overlooking the Basics

By booking a hotel in advance, you can also avoid the rush of last-minute reservations and the ensuing tendency to forget about essential details. Even though some hotel boutiques in Viejo San Juan, Puerto Rico, frequently offer cancellation options if you need to change your dates or the number of guests. However, you might find yourself stranded in the city without a place to stay if you realize your mistake too late.

Attempting To Accomplish Too Much

There is so much to do here in San Juan that you won’t be able to do it all in one weekend. You might not have time to visit the best Fortaleza Street restaurants if you book a whale watch and zip line tours. You might miss the fantastic hotel boutique experience in Viejo San Juan, Puerto Rico, and American Camp if you book too late or have the Farm and Distillery Tour. Look before you leave, book all of your adventures in advance, and add an extra day!

Neglecting The Finer Details

It’s easy to forget that you’re signing a contract when you confirm your lodging online in San Juan because the process has become straightforward and “a click away.” Hotel reservations also have a ton of fine print that you should pay attention to, just like in any contract. For instance, many people believe that the cost of a hotel boutique in Viejo San Juan, Puerto Rico, will include features like Wi-Fi, parking, and a pool. However, occasionally, these might be more expensive or unavailable altogether. Even worse is booking a family vacation at an adult-only hotel or reserving a room without a cancellation policy.

Not Reading Client Testimonials

Failure to read customer reviews is among the most significant booking errors ever. Even though a rating system with points or stars can be helpful, scrolling down to read the comments left by other users often reveals much more about the actual experience you can anticipate, including the good, the bad, and the dirty!

Looking for the Best Puerto Rican Experience?

Stay at Fortaleza in Old San Juan, Puerto Rico

The Fortaleza Suites are tucked away in the center of Old San Juan in a prime location. The beach, shops, restaurants, nightlife, and historical sites of this city that have been designated a World Heritage Site are only a few steps away. They have the perfect space for everyone, with 9 rooms and 4 suites. Apart from being well known for their fantastic food and warm and welcoming atmosphere, the four keys to why dining at Fortaleza Street restaurants is so fantastic are to explore, indulge, evolve, and connect with the native Puerto Rican culture. So, what are you waiting for? Book now!

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