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Marmalade Restaurant & Wine Bar

Explore, Indulge, Evolve, Connect are the four keys to what makes eating at Marmalade so fantastic! This unique restaurant and wine bar is well known for its incredible food and friendly and welcoming atmosphere. When you visit Marmalade, you’ll realize why it’s such a popular location in Old San Juan, Puerto Rico.

At Marmalade, They’re committed to learning, contribution, and passion. That’s been their recipe for success all these years. It keeps them unique. The success of their kitchen is because of the quality of their food and how its prepared. Everything they use is to promote wellness through sustainable and non-modified foods. It also comes in their creativity and not becoming predictable and sticking to one concept of food styling.

Marmalade Restaurant dish
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Their food is a mix of unique and natural blends that garnish nutrition with top-notch ingredients. All of their ingredients are farm to table and provided by sustainable local farms. With the perfect mix of ingredients and how they’re prepared, it creates a sophisticated and robust dish on their rotating menu.

Puerto Rico has an incredibly diverse identity of the food that they have. Influences came from Spain, Latin America, the Caribbean, and the United States. At Marmalade, they’ve combined these styles into an incomparably healthy menu filled with meat, vegetables, and alkalinity; all prepared using a lighter and healthier cooking method.

They also serve brilliantly mixed cocktails, all with fun and inspired names. For instance, you could order a “Jimi Hendrick’s,” which is a combination of muddled mint and sliced jalapenos swimming with fresh cucumber juice, Hendricks gin, and a squeeze of lime. You’ll also find their menu of world-class wines and champagnes. From cabernet to chardonnay and everything in between, you’ll be able to find the perfect drink to compliment your artisanal meal. You aren’t going to want to miss Marmalade Restaurant & Wine Bar in Old San Juan.