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San Juan’s Culinary Treasures for Food Lovers

Travelers visiting Old San Juan for its history and charm often find themselves pleasantly surprised by the culinary delights waiting to be explored. Among the cobblestone streets and colonial buildings, there’s a gastronomic treasure trove that promises to tantalize your taste buds. If you’re looking for a memorable dining experience, we’ve got you covered with … Read more

Traveling & Accommodation – How to Choose the Right Comfort in A Scrunched Budget?

traveling accommodation how to choose the right comfort in a scrunched budget

Traveling is fun, but relaxing after a hectic and adventurous day out is more important. Without comfortable accommodations like relaxing hotels in Old San Juan, Puerto Rico, you can never imagine shedding the soreness and stress of reckless traveling and exploration. Budget is equally important to consider because you also have to go back! So, … Read more

Explore Old San Juan on Foot

San Juan Col Streets

Given its rich colonial past, Old San Juan is the most intriguing site in Puerto Rico. Along with being a US National Historic Site, Viejo San Juan, or Old San Juan, is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Old San Juan’s streets were designed for strolls. If you put up in hotels in the heart of … Read more

Savor The Taste Of Authentic Puerto Rican Cuisine

Puerto Rico

Beyond its breathtaking beaches and energetic music, Puerto Rico is renowned for its vivid energy and colorful cuisine. Much like the colonial era, their food is eclectic, drawing inspiration from West Africa, the United States, and native Taino. Because Puerto Ricans make up only a tiny portion of the vast Hispanic or Latino community, very … Read more