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6 Most Instagram Friendly Places to Visit in San Juan Puerto Rico

Known as the jewel of the Caribbean, the vibrant city of San Juan is located on the northern coast of the island of Puerto Rico. Rich in history, the beating heart of San Juan is thriving with its old-world charm and colonial architecture. Boasting of gorgeous tropical weather all year round, it’s a hot favorite with tourists from all parts of the world.

Besides the climate, the best part of a vacation is taking in the scenic beauty and capturing the moments, making the most of our photography skills. Strolling the cobblestoned streets, you’ll find yourself before many Instagrammable locations peppered across the city. Showcasing the vibrant culture of old colonial charm infused with modern-day character, here are 6 stunning locations to take the best pictures during your trip:

Classic San Juan

Known for the colonial esque buildings painted in soothing pastel colors, wandering through the streets of old town San Juan is a must. The old town, formerly known as Puerto Rico (rich port) before the names were interchanged, was established in 1521. The original architecture is well preserved between modern day influences like hip cocktail bars and fusion restaurants, perfect for clicking aesthetically balanced pictures.

Condado Beach

Located conveniently from the city, the turquoise waters and lush palm trees of Condado beach would take your breath away. Easily accessible by foot, the neighboring nightlife is perfect for a night cap after a relaxing day at the beach.

Santurce Art District

Bustling with lively art by the local street art community, this free-spirited district is thriving with vibrant murals, boutique shops, hip eateries that serve both commercial and local delights, and is an online influencer’s dream.

Castillo de San Cristóbal

A UNESCO World Heritage Site, this fort was built by the Spanish to safeguard the city from being invaded. The views from the open grounds are picturesque, especially the towers overlooking the water!

La Fortaleza

The walk up the street leading to La Fortaleza, or Palacio de Santa Catalina, is worth a visit to the fort. Adorned with a new variation of art, like multi-coloured umbrellas, bright pink kites, each visit will leave you surprised and in awe. The art on the buildings too is Instagram worthy.

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Plaza de Armas

Known as the heart of Old San Juan, the plaza was designed to serve as the center of the city. The area is flocked with street performers, entertaining everyone who passes. You could even enjoy a relaxing day of people watching by simply sitting on one of the many benches and breathing in the charm of the local culture and old-world histrionics.

The eclectic vibes of San Juan are calling! These photogenic spots are enough to lure you in and enjoy a fabulous getaway to the tropics. And while you’re at it, don’t forget to book yourself a room at Fortaleza Suites.

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