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4 Mistakes to Avoid When Booking Your Vacation Accommodation

Why do feel the need to take a vacation? If you are anything like most, chances are you do it to get away from the stresses of your everyday life and relax and rejuvenate in a beautiful place. But the process of planning the vacation itself can often seem a little too overwhelming. From picking the right dates and finding cheap flights to booking your accommodation, there is so much you need to do. But some of these things, without a doubt, are non-negotiable. For instance, if you want to have a fun and memorable vacation experience, finding the right hotel is key. After a day of sightseeing, you wouldn’t want to go back to a drab and uncomfortable room, miles away from the fun things. Unfortunately, many people end up doing just that because they make some common mistakes while booking their accommodation. To make sure that you find the best hotel for your next San Juan vacation, here are a few things you shouldn’t do:

  • Not checking the location

    Unless you have no plans of sightseeing or visiting any popular tourist attractions in San Juan, you should look for a hotel in the heart of the city. This will make your experience much more convenient and enjoyable because you don’t have to spend a lot of time getting to and from your hotel. But while booking, always make sure you check the hotel’s address to ensure that they are where they claim to be. You will find plenty of places that add “city center” to their description, only for you to get there and realize that you are an hour away from it.

  • Booking solely based on price

    Yes, it can be tempting to book a place if you find a great deal, but don’t let the price of a hotel room solely decide where you will stay during your vacation. Take everything else – location, amenities, comfort, and so on – into consideration. While a high price doesn’t always guarantee quality, you should still do your research to find a hotel that offers all of the above at a reasonable rate.

  • Booking through a third-party website/app

    While third-party websites and apps have made the process of booking hotel rooms much easier, booking directly through the hotel website is a much better choice. They will always give you the best rates, minus any additional costs that third-party providers might add. Moreover, on the hotel website, you are guaranteed more accurate information and images.

  • Booking too early or too late

    Don’t wait till the last minute to book your hotel room. You won’t have enough options to choose from and will end up paying more. But on the other hand, you should also avoid booking too early. Although there is no best time to book a hotel room, you should keep an eye on the rates for a while before you decide to book.

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