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Creating a Travel Itinerary is Easy, Just Follow These Tips

Spontaneous travel plans are obviously great, but if you have limited time and want to make the best of your vacation to San Juan, it is best to be a little organized.

If you are planning to take a holiday around Christmas and New Year time, a well-planned itinerary will save you a LOT of inconveniences. When you know that you don’t have to check one hotel after the other to find a place to rest your head at night after a day full of adventure and exploration of popular restaurants in Old San Juan, you can actually focus on having fun.

Whether it is your first solo travel or you are more of an impromptu traveler, we have a few travel itinerary tips for you.

Start with deciding the length of your trip.

What is the next step after choosing the destination? Setting aside a budget for the trip? NO. The next thing you should do is decide the length of your trip. You cannot know the costs till you determine how long your trip is going to be?

If exploring a different country is on the cards, keep at least ten days to two weeks. Start your trip on weekends and end it on weekends. You will save a couple of leaves that way.

Create an outline of the entire trip.

Decided the length of the trip, fixed a budget, and checked the flights. BUT don’t book just yet.

Prepare a rough timeline of the itinerary first, especially if it is your first visit to the city/country. So, if it is your first San Juan vacation, make a list of attractions you want to explore, from adventure activities you want to enjoy to foods you want to relish at restaurants in Old San Juan.

If you want some itinerary inspirations, you can check out social media platforms, like Pinterest and Instagram. You will also find helpful resources on our Things To Do page.

Make a list of vaccinations and documentation you may require.

Traveling with proper vaccinations and documentation is of utmost importance. The absence of any of the two may jeopardize not just your health but your trip as well. 

Before finalizing the flights and hotels, do check what vaccines and documents are needed to visit the place; if you need to start the process in advance; how much will it cost you. 

You shouldn’t have to worry about the expiration date on your passport or the tourist visa a week before the trip.

Talk to a travel clinic to get an accurate idea of vaccine requirements, if any.

Consider travel insurance.

Travel insurance is always a good idea, from flight cancellation insurance to trip cancellation insurance. Get your travel insurance right after booking the flights and hotels.

Don’t forget to check if your medical insurance covers you overseas.

Signing Off

Are you excited to browse the best restaurants in Old San Juan, Puerto Rico, to dine at and be mesmerized by iconic forts and white sand beaches? Adhere to these tips, and you will have a memorable and safe trip. For a comfortable, luxurious stay in San Juan, do consider Fortaleza Suites.